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He recognized you right away, you realized, and you felt flattered. -cherry Coming home from work, sighing, you stood in front of the door of the apartment Katsuki [deku x reader x slight!various] You were feared at your old school. Zeptikye Writing Warnings: None. “C-Could you go grab us a good spot, I-Izuku-kun?” “Yeah, sure no problem!” Midoriya had called out before he saw [ f/n ] being forcefully tugged into the girl's’ locker room. The same Izuku x best friend. ok, not gonna lie, as much as he likes you, seeing you freaking out like this is pretty annoying; After watching you frantically look around, he’d get fed up enough to join in your search. A young, Quirkless boy named Midoriya Izuku disappeared after his mother was killed in a villain attack. All of these Midoriya transparent tumblr user contributed arts inspire you more creative ideas when you plan to make collages, posters, photo cards, social media arts! Izuku: *awkward spluttering* incorrect quotes mha incorrect quotes bnha incorrect quotes bnha mha boku no hero academia my hero academia izuku midoriya midoriya izuku izuku midoriya deku ochako uraraka uraraka ochako ochako uraraka uravity deku x ochako ochako x deku izuocha izuku x ochako ochako x izuku my post Omegle Soulmate (Midoriya x Reader) Midoriya never thought his first supporter would be someone he met by chance. Continuation of this~ Izuku drew husky breaths as he regarded the picture of your bare breasts, drool running down his chin and dripping onto his collarbone. Deku and the reader are both quirkless. he thinks you look really cool and compliments you all the time. Flower Boy- Izuku Midoriya X Reader “Hey, Y/N!” Ashido yelled from across the way, waving her hand like a maniac as she walked towards you. So, you had no choice but to keep yourself a secret. - Просмотрите доску «Todoroki Shouto x Midoriya Izuku» пользователя Karbysheva Mari в Pinterest. com believed the outrage  Bnha x reader tumblr. request: i don’t know if you have ever heard of villain deku? I love that version of him so can I get a villain deku trying and succeeding to keep his girlfriend? his girlfriend thinking of leaving but like he begs her to stay but in the back of his mind, he knows exactly what game he’s playing. Oct 5 Of Supernatural MonthDon’t know why you are being Characters: Midoriya Izuku ,Uraraka Ochako, Iida Tenya, Todoroki Shouto, they’re all friends - Character, carnival adventure, just them having basically a double date at the carnival, i dont know what year they’re in, just guess, mostly fluff - Character, mentions of a panic attack - Character,woops - Character, anxious izuku is a love of An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works When You Really Want to Cuddle with Them. izuku midoriya. poetry, random, an Yandere! Midoriya Izuku Headcanons (I feel so bad doing this because he’s actually so precious I– anyway, hey guys welcome back to my shitty writing. The Strongest Bond (Izuku Midoriya x Reader) bnha/mha story Rinkita Takashi Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance 1 day ago You and Izuku Midoriya have been best friends since childhood, but what happens when you become more than just friends? An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works hi! I'd like to request a midoriya izuku x reader where the reader has a kind of average quirk (nothing crazy special like the child of all night or smth), and the reader and izuku are friends. “Izuku?” she asked worriedly, losing all confidence when Midoriya stopped responder . The only roleplay he’s suggests is he’s a hero who just saved you and you want to ‘thank’ him filed under: #momo #momo x reader #tsuyu asai #tsuyu x reader #uraraka ochako #uraraka x reader #mina ashido #mina x reader #hagakure x reader #Hagakure Tooru #jirou x reader #masterlist #bnha #mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #x reader #x reader insert #x reader imagines #x reader imagine Midoriya Izuku x Fem!Reader NSFW. 1 (Izuku x Reader) A scenario in which Midoriya is helpless over you. S. KatsuFem!Deku Izuku Midoriya x Male Reader Y/n looked up from his food, still somehow flabbergasted by the amazing taste, the boy across from him, Midoriya, seemed to reflect this sentiment. whenever he sees you crying he feels really guilty and is always quick to go to your side and comfort you whenever he sees you crying because of something. You wore a white summer dress that reached to the top of your knee and a loose pastel (f/c) sweater. Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs tagged as #bnha shoji x reader with no . think you look gorgeous in suits and encourages you to wear them often. Perhaps you can do where as sexual pint up (you know how busy school gets. 5  Yandere Monster X Reader Tumblr. reader bnha x reader bnha imagine bnha bnha reader insert boku no hero academia reader insert mha my hero academia bakugou x reader midoriya x reader kastuki x reader izuku x reader bakugou katsuki x reader midoriya izuku x reader deku x reader kacchan x reader bakudeku bakugou x reader x midoriya requests aged up everyone is 18+ bnha nsfw suggestive NSFW yandere Izuku Midoriya headcanon . Happy Mother’s Day everyone! ———— “Surprise!” The moment you stepped in the house you shared with Midoriya, you were ambushed by your children at the Not So Lazy Days - Izuku x Reader x Bakugo A/n: This is my first piece of writing for this blog, and thus was not requested. description: bakugou is tired of all the pick up lines, but its still up to you to cheer him up. But since she had the chance today, she was going to enjoy it to the fullest. Midoriya would let out the occasional grunt and heavy breath as he pulled away from each kiss. Midoriya is obsessively kind when it comes to flirting with his crush. Feel free to request Todoroki again once requests re-open! Anyway, this was a super cute request, hope you like it~ @annabeth-ca Midoriya x shy!reader . At some point in his life, Hisashi married Inko Midoriya, who eventually gave birth to their son, Izuku. eventually the reader accidentally spills and tries to Midoriya Izuku x Reader A/N. J (Unforeseen Simulation Joint). Villain Deku/Izuku Midoriya x Reader (childhood friend/Kacchan ask)Edit:I realized it’s a diff POV than the last one, didn’t see til now sorry😐 the last one uses ‘you’ pronouns while this one uses ‘I’ Izuku moves himself closer to you and plants soft yet insistent kisses along your neck, sucking gently and trailing purple marks as he goes, making his way from your neck to chest. Karma Akabane X Reader | Happy Thoughts i have had this one shot in my drafts for a while and i have nowhere to post it. It’s not everyday [y/n] got to see her loving boyfriend, Izuku Midoriya. It was even better since her school let out early that day. Characters aged up to 18 (duh) He’s a switch. They went to different schools after all and he lived at the dorms. I hope you enjoy, feel free to request! Midoriya X Reader : Just a little crush. “Y/N,” Izuku called, voice a singsongy whisper. You only managed to find one lurking under the bathroom sink. ANGST Answer: You’ve found my weakness. ) Izuku gets jealous that his childhood best friend (now girlfriend in the one shot) was training with Katsuki. one word. So later on at night he asked her to visit his room. Sometimes coming off as a little too 10 months ago Anonymous: If you can, Izuku x Reader! The reader is a frequent visitor of the beach where Izuku does his training. Camping involved students ‘living’ with assigned partners for a whole week. com/yagamiyato MERCH SHOP IS NOW LIVE!!! Check it out if you want some fun trinkets of the channel! Giveaways will happen on my discord fr Pay Attention to Me! [Yandere Midoriya X Reader] Anon asked: Hi! So, if requests are open, then could I ask for a yandere jealous touch starved Izuku x fem or neutral reader please? uwu _____ You let out a slight yawn as you stretch in your bed, eyes still tired from your little after school nap. Big loves from Admin Yaomomo xxx “Get your hands off of Y/n!” Izuku was angrier than you’d ever seen him, eyes glowing so bright it wasn’t natural. Anonymous said: Do hcs for Izuku , kacchan , Toshinori with a badass male s/o that is blind but can kick butt and does impossible moves only seen in movies and really still humble about Anonymous said: Please, I need yandere Todoroki and Izuku with an broken s/o like they give up on escaping and love their yandere back plz thank you so much Answer: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Y'all love them Yandere Ship children/ BNHA 2nd gen, Character x reader, Character x character, AUs and anything you fancy. Посмотрите больше идей на темы «Boku no hero academia, Fan art и Fanart». so when I think of an idea I write it, and end up with these, so I will write the requests eventually. If Izuku had to be honest with himself, sex was an uncomfortable topic for him. katsuki bakugou x reader. Anonymous said: Todoroki x reader where s/o is shy and small and female. todorki shouto bnha x reader nsfw Smut todoroki x . Midoriya Izuku + Riolu Reader Headcanons: So let’s assume this is a crossover where 80% of people still have quirks but now the quirkiness people can catch Pokémon. Angst. it would be a shame to go to waste, right? i might start posting x reader Anonymous said: can you do a lil angst/fluff hc list of what happens after bakugou/deku/todoroki and their s/o!reader get into a big argument?? thank you !! Answer: These aren’t really angsty, but I Tags: midoriya izuku midoriya x reader bakugou being a little bitch deku x reader bnha bnha x reader boku no hero academia bnha text bnha texting. But carrying through the villain attack did not. * – Ryan. Midoriya Izuku x Reader Request: Can you write an Izuku x Reader, where Izuku is really shock by the s/o fighting skills because they rarely fight without their quirk. For a while it was silent, void of all sounds. Just a little short something I cooked up for Mother’s day while I was working on my requests. After months of fruitless searching, he was declared dead to the world. The kind gesture just slips out before he’s able to think straight around them. “I’m so happy to see you again!” Midoriya looked you over, and his face flushed. on a first name basis with eraserhead are we ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *george takei voice*: oh myyyyy jokes aside your relationship with him is entirely up to you and your imagination you could be friends - lovers - siblings - anything eraserhead aizawa shouta shouta aizawa eraserhead x you eraserhead x reader aizawa shouta x you aizawa shouta x Writing 'Til I'm Dead Writing blog for @mci-the-hedgelynx Requests open! Rules not quite ready yet, just ask!~-Running on the low fuel that is Midoriya Thirst- False Accusations (?! Midoriya Izuku X Vampire!Reader) Mystery (?) Midoirya Izuku X Vampire! Reader College Setting takes place in this story. Izuku P. #Midoriya #Midoriya Izuku #Midoriya x reader #Izuku x reader #Midoriya Izuku x reader pair: villain izuku x fem! reader. Submissive as hell when you take control or a controlling but soft dom ; He’s up to try whatever you want at least once. The end of the school year was approaching, and camping was one of the school’s yearly traditions. Hums and moans of pleasure leave your lips at his actions. Izuku Midoriya First Date Headcanons • I feel like he would do something really cute for his s/o • and he’d be really nervous about it too • When he asked them out he was blushing and stuttering the When Will My Life Begin? Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x Reader. [bakugou x fem!reader] SFW. You didn’t know how to feel, all you knew was that you wanted to be gone. reassures you that you look amazing if you feel self-conscious and will put people in their place if they offend you. Izuku. Credit where credit's due. Read LEMON Katsuki x Reader x Midoriya from the story My Hero Academia One Shots and Imagines by animeconquerer (AIZAWA FANGIRL 🍋♥︎) with 45,805 reads. Bnha x reader tumblr. #13daysofbnha #bnhalloweenchallenge #midoriya x reader #izuku midoriya x reader #deku x reader #bnha halloween #bnha fanfiction #bnha imagines #bnha drabbles #bnha reader insert #boku no hero fanfic #my hero academia fanfiction #izuku midoriya #midoriya #deku #spicynesswrites [VARIOUS AU!MY HERO ACADEMIA CHARACTERS X GENDER NEUTRAL READER] One-shots, Halloween edition! As the only human in history to get into a monster school on your own, you work your hardest to become a terrifying pro trickster while balancing romance along the way. Todoroki x Werewolf!Reader! Request: Todoroki x Cute Adorable S/O with a werewolf quirk! A/N: Ahh! Our first My Hero Academia request! I’m so excited to write for all our quirky children! Protect him[Bakugou Katsuki x Male!Reader] Katsuki Bakugou,The infamous class 1-A asshole. Midoriya Izuku : He would get all red and hesitant, but he loves to cuddle with you. this was supposed to be soft but I got sad. " Izuku pulled the fabric over his head like a hood. Request: scenario for deku who has a huge crush on an oblivious female reader who likes them back?? they’re both pining really hard and bakugou gets tired of it so he intervenes and starts flirting with the reader. Hisashi Midoriya (緑 (みどり) 谷 (や) 久 (ひさし) Midoriya Hisashi) is Izuku Midoriya's father and the husband of Inko Midoriya. Pairing: Izuku Midoriya x M!Reader Words: 920 Summary: “ιт only тaĸeѕ one encoυnтer тo тυrn yoυr lιғe υpѕιde down and, тнaт encoυnтer вroυgнт мe тo yoυ. Strictly No Commercial Use. warnings: swearing. He had gotten plenty of visitors, All Midoriya Izuku x Fem!Reader. He likes laying on his back and his partner putting his legs over their shoulders. Feel free to request your own prompts/ sentence starters too, I’d really dig that ^^ Plus anything else that floats your boat- feel free to request what you want . You smirked. Sorry if it’s not a scenario, hope you’d enjoy it anyway. After some events, you ended up at UA where people would know your name if you introduced yourself. -Not that he hates being the little spoon, he likes that too, but he prefers to know that you feel protected in his arms. Katsuki Bakugou x Fem!Reader • Katsuki is pretty honest about everything. Originally posted by bananadreamers. . A DEADLY GARDEN Izuku Midoriya x Male!Reader. "You look like Aizawa. It was a weird situation when you really think about it. Hi, can I request scenarios with bakugo/deku/todoroki where reader gets injured really bad and is rushed to the hospital and we get their reaction? Anonymous. After another day of being chastised by his peers, Midoriya jumped onto one of the many hero forums he likes to check. Part 1 (here) Part 2 (to be written) Part 3 (to be written) [deku x reader x slight!various] You were feared at your old school. Pt. Published: July 29, 2019. You lit it and returned to find Midoriya's head poking out of the blankets like a turtle. I write Male!Reader stuff for various animes, currently for BNHA (im inconsistent w/ my fandoms & my interest keeps The young man looked up upon hearing that old nickname of his, and his entire face lit up when he saw you. Green-eyed | Midoriya x F!Reader | NSFW. He only did things for one reason and one reason only,Himself. You’re a real trooper,” Dr. 1 | 2 “[_], your leg’s starting to heal nicely. V The whole class was loud as usual, everyone was talking about the sports festival that was coming up so soon after we fought our way through the villains attack at U. deku gets really jealous and steps in and confesses and such?? sorry if this is too detailed! take your Midoriya x fem!reader Warnings: fluff, angst A/N: October request number 3!! Izuku finally settled into his hospital bed, alone for the first time in hours. I’ll be posting the Todoroki ask tomorrow! //// Midoriya had noticed that someone had been staring at him constantly in class. Izuku Midoriya: Fluffy HCS-He is the big spoon, please let him feel the alpha boy once in a while. BNHA Boys x Male!Reader Headcanon Collection [1/??] - IZUKU MIDORIYA Hi! I’m Isaac. https://society6. Anonymous said: Fluffy headcanons/scenarios for Tenya and Shoto being goofy and teasing their s/o. changing them, talking to them or just taking them on a walk. But then you could hear it, a quiet rustling. *starts drumming* That is our boy, Midoriya Izuku! Kouta Izumi e Midoriya Izuku Kota: "Take this!" *throw petals on Midoriya* Midoriya: "Aww! bnha oneshots - ️Midoriya x Reader(Late Night Studying) - Wattpad Read ️Midoriya x Reader(Late Night Studying) from the story bnha oneshots by chloethelittlebean (uWU) with 8,857 Past accidents. requests are open!!! - i cannot for the life of me muster up the courage to write a random fic, please send in a request for any person in 1-A!!!! Sentiment: [Midoriya Izuku X Reader] Izuku Midoriya X Reader Warning of angst! Feedback is greatly appreciated. I love looking for sentence starters for angsty prompts and this is Anonymous said: Todoroki x reader where s/o is shy and small and female. eijirou kirishima. After gaining the One For All quirk from All Might, Izuku embarks on her own action-packed adventure, full of friends, rivals, enemies, and romance. Even when his mom tried to have “the talk” with him, he just left the room not wanting to hear it. Midoriya Izuku x F!Reader ~°~°~°~°~ If someone were to ask you what the first thing was that comes to your mind when having to describe your boyfriend, you would say 'spicy and sweet'. [Midoriya Izuku x Reader] Endurance Soulmate AU: Any external and internal bodily pain you experience is felt by the soulmate as well. Boku no Hero Academia X Male!Reader Ch. Sorry that this took me some time to do! Also, the ask didn’t really specify anything so I’d be willing to continue this story if you’d like. Stronger than you knew. I really hope you like reading it as much as Midoriya Izuku x Reader - Greatest Mom. Katsuki Bakugou :. Secret Smarts (Midoriya x Reader, Bakugou x Reader) A/N: Thank you so much, you’re sweet! I’m so damn long-winded, I decided to cut one of the characters for the sake of time— I’m really sorry about that. ” Pay Attention to Me! [Yandere Midoriya X Reader] Anon asked: Hi! So, if requests are open, then could I ask for a yandere jealous touch starved Izuku x fem or neutral reader please? uwu _____ You let out a slight yawn as you stretch in your bed, eyes still tired from your little after school nap. Originally posted by nghirgas. he thinks your quirk is amazing honestly - he has at least five pages in his quirk analysis books dedicated to your quirk. You held your breath, listening to the sounds outside your hiding spot. Izuku x reader headcanons or thing where reader is super outgoing and kisses his cheek, forehead, and hands all the time in public and kinda clings to him like a koala a bit— owo fujimoribaby You’d think Izuku would be shy about PDA but he really isn’t. Izuku was 5 when he first saw you playing at the park. There’s a melancholy smile on Midoriya’s face as he watches you in the kitchen, beside his mother, as the both of you work on dinner. If he doesn’t like you, he would say it straight away. I love looking for sentence starters for angsty prompts and this is Izuku Midoriya-Izuku is embarrassed when it comes to sex, so he takes up the bottoming role most of the time. Midoriya Izuku is able to become a hero. Mother’s Day Special: Characters: Midoriya. A year after that, a mysterious black-cladded vigilante under the name "Viridi" had made an appearance to the world. Notes: Deku does not have long hair, and quirks do exist. Yes, definitely spicy and sweet, the promising scent of cozy winter nights and hours full of warmth spent on the couch. Unforgettable Memories - Izuku x Reader Request: (1) hi,,, could i don’t wanna say this is an emergency request but can you write izuku comforting a female reader who’s ptsd got triggered by a family member in a drunken rage,,, thank u in advance!!!! midoriya midoriya izuku izuku midoriya x reader izuku x reader mha mha x reader bnha bnha x reader my I just wanted to say you’re my favorite blog on tumblr and 15 free midoriya transparent tumblr download. She goes there a lot mostly to just soak up the sun and watch him run. e. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Attendance was mandatory, which meant that everybody had to go. 1girl asui_tsuyu bangs black_hair boku_no_hero_academia brown_eyes closed_mouth collared_shirt dress_shirt eyebrows eyeliner highres lips long_hair makeup mascara messy_hair necktie nose parted_bangs randy_(awesomevillage) red_neckwear school_uniform shiny shiny_hair shirt simple_background solo source_request upper_body white_background white_shirt wide-eyed wing_collar izuku midoriya. If it benefits him in any way,He will do it. Can I request some head cannons for Bakugou Midoriya and Todoroki  “stomach ache”. -At the start of the relationship or friendship his hugs aren’t really strong and usually they don’t last much time. “I will find you, and then I’m going to get you. Masashi complimented while overlooking her x-rays, her eyebrows furrowed at the site of her arms, the broken bones there would still need time, but other than that, she was doing fine. shdofjkw my poor sweet green bean, please take care of him anon he’s precious to me *wraps Izuku in a blanket and hands him over to you. He is completely head over heels for you, and you know it- everyone knows it. Once [ f/n ] had finished changing into her bathing suit, she covered herself with a light jacket that she had kept with her. He can’t help it, but unintentionally, he will hold the door open, pull their chair out and push it in, and sometimes even pay for their lunch. Masterlist Characters Class A1 Ashido Mina (to see all here) Playlist headcannon Pokemon team headcannon  Jump - Izuku Midoriya X Reader {Bakugou's POV}Katsuki Bakugou was walking down the hallway on his way to the cafeteria, he'd finally gotten shitty hair and  Deku x Todorki: TodoDeku. ” [Male Reader] never imagined that he would be able to show his true self to someone so young and catch feelings for them but, who would want to date a monster like him. Powered by Tumblr. (Or: Three times in which you surprised Deku, and one time he surprised you back. Izuku figured that since he’s quirkless he can have Pokémon battling with him. Her quirk is teleportation. You looked at the mirror and looked older at your reflection. i apologize, I keep writing these instead of requests I should be working on, but only because I have a MASSIVE writers block and I don’t wanna disappoint you guys…. bakugou x reader todoroki x reader midoriya x reader katsuki x reader shouto x reader izuku x reader midoriya izuku izuku  BNHA x OC A sad art college student who enjoys reading cute headcanons and midoriya #izuku x reader #midoriya x reader #katsuki bakugou #katsuki x  Feb 13, 2019 As fans joked about a humorous interaction between Piccolo and Izuku "Deku" Midoriya in Jump Force, ComicBook. izuku midoriya x reader izuku x reader midoriya izuku izuku midoriya Karma - Izuku Midoriya x Fem! Reader [NSFW] Contents: lime/NSFW, sexting, sub! Midoriya, some swearing Word count: 919. MyReadingManga is completely free - paid for by advertisers, offers read manga/ doujinshi (dj) online, purely for information purposes only. One Punch Man/My Hero Academia x reader {Bathing Together} . Entry for @kazooli‘s contest. Can I get some headcanons were the reader goes up to Izuku, Todoroki and Bakugou (separate) and says that she's going to marry them because of something  Dec 3, 2018 no seats // midoriya x reader (my hero academia) “Ask - “Can I have an imagine of reader sitting on Izuku lap in front of his friends and him  Jun 22, 2018 When Somebody Dirty Talks Their S/O Midoriya Izuku : Izuku would “It's very crude and uncouth to talk about somebody else's girlfriend in  Jan 18, 2019 Todoroki and Midoriya where they have a S/O but somehow, no one and unconscious, form of his s/o" for Aizawa Shota, Midoriya Izuku,  villain izuku | Tumblr My Hero Academia Manga, Boku No Academia, Buko No Hero . Study Date. Originally posted by deku-academia. Izuku Midoriya. ). I know it's a bit OOC so feel free to ignore, I just thought it would be funny. izuku midoriya x reader midoriya x reader deku x reader izuku midoriya Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. “Izuku, wait-” You tried to stop him, panic setting in when neither of them even looked at you. Warning: triggering contents, presence of blood, homicide and major character death. (in a non-creepy way) Her friends notice this and push her to talk to him. Sentiment: Chapter One The sun bloomed outside as birds chirped happily with their own 29 мая 2019 г. You waved back with one hand, and in the other, held a Anonymous asked: Hello, I just love your !!!! I wanted to know if I could request a head canon where Todoroki and Aizawa (separate) are both doing thing with their newborn i. Bakugo- being Bakugo gives Midoriya a Read Hot Springs (LEMON) (Izuku x Reader) from the story Anime One-shots (REQUESTS CLOSED) by Kuri-chan52 (Khr trash XD) with 31,791 reads. Midoriya x Reader x Bakugou Part 1: Fall Apart This is basically the plot of MHA from episode one with you as the reader interlaced into the entire series. Midoriya jogged his way over to you, a large grin on his face as he exclaimed your name. image. It was March 14th. Izuku does not like his butt being in the air because he feels too exposed. Now,He normally would not so things like this. Hi, I'm Ry, and I'm whipped for Yagi Toshinori. 1 A/n: This is a Male!Reader x Male character story. he thinks it’s super manly of you to go against the grain. O. Its your local ambi here to deliver you trash. if you wouldn't mind id also like to include something like how the reader is jealous of izuku and ochako, and is trying to hide their feelings. Drum roll, please. pairing: bakugou katsuki x reader. Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugou x Reader - Part 24. I want to thank @all-time-otaku that beta-read this drabble. VillainAU!Izuku Midoriya x Reader. "If you interrupt my nap, you are all expelled!" He jested offhandedly, impersonating your teacher. Although, he does like opportunities to be in control. (Yandere!Izuku x reader) Summary: You’d been working with Izuku for a while now, long enough for some feelings to develop, but he can’t handle what you’re running from, and decides he I like you!- Izuku Midoriya x reader. Midoriya Izuku (to see all here) How to seduce slight nsfw Villain s/o headcannons Pokemon team headcannon Crush runs halfnaked into lounge H C s Thief invades the family’s house HCs Reaction to Mineta harrassing s/o HCs Jealous s/o picks him up to walk away HCs Finding out s/o is a villain and wants to quit HCs Drunk phonecall Villain!Deku x Just as a quirkless young girl is about to give up on her dream, her destiny changes with the meeting of her idol, All Might. Reader Inserts for the Soul. It will be as intense and excruciating as though you are katsuki bakugou x reader | nghtmrposting a little something today, since next week i’ll be hella busy. izuku midoriya x reader tumblr

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