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4litre engine, that is! DOH!!) Hi LS people! I've read and read and read some more on this topic, and tried everything I can think of. CLC Member Login does NOT work here! You need to register to use this forum, even if you are a CLC member. Shutting the AC off, the rpms immediately recover and stabilize. Car Runs Rough When Warm. Car runs fine when cold, but if left idle, once warm, idles extremely rough, and dies out when attempting to drive after warm up. When your engine idles rough and the exhaust has the smell of raw, unburned gasoline, it is suffering from a rich condition or or incomplete combustion. But cruising it tends to vibrate or shutter. My car starts and runs fine when cold but when warm idles weird and when you shut the car off and go to restart it stalls out. K1500 Blazer 5. Recently had fuel injector #2 replaced. It feels very similar to running on 3 of 4 cylinders but I haven't had a look at that yet. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. I drive a few miles and its like someone flips a switch, The car starts to act like its running on 3 cylinders (maybe 2). 0L auto, which has been pretty dependable for all my needs. . When I start it up first time it runs rough for about 1 minute, after that its fine. Rough Idle Only When Warm/Hot. Then it begins to run very rough. Then if the car is rev'd to around 3000 RPM while at operating temperature the idle drops from around 800 to around 600 but runs smoother than during warm up. i'm thinking o2 sensor since it would be right around the time it switches to run off the o2 sensor? (warm enough) has all new wires/plugs/cap/rotor etc. But after it gets good and warmed up, it starts misbehaving. Car Runs Rough and No Power. Too much of either can result in severe running issues. Monday my check engine light came on and it was still idling really rough when you start it up. the engine light is on but not blinking. I have a 2000 ford ranger xlt 4x4 with 177000 miles. Thanks cigroller for your input so far. It has done this several times, I get it running good and after it sits for a day or 2 it runs rough and backfires. No CEL. 2) It could be a bad metering block gasket that is leaking fuel into places it  Once the car gets to a higher RPM >3000 or so, it also runs fine… but . Not as bad after the car warmed up. The internal combustion engine requires a precise mixture of fuel and air to run correctly. I'm trying to run down a problemthe engine runs great for about 15 minutes while driving hard. the catalytic converter was clogged, so i replaced it with a magnaflow direct fit and it installed with no problems. Like I said, it runs good except for this rough idle. Car runs great at first start up but after 10-15 minutes it gets a rough idle and really stutters, spits & chokes upon initial acceleration. Wasup, I have a 91 ex (completely stock) that starts up runs normal when cold. 7. Also, I have taken the truck to the dealer I got a weird car problem (1990 Honda Accord) that started suddenly a few weeks ago where the car runs completely fine when the engine is cold, but as soon as the engine warms up, it hesitates I’m struggling with an issue with a 1950 Cadillac that I recently got. any sugges When car starts cold the engine runs rough until it warms up and you shut the engine down and restart it. after all my work i still dont have it running 100 percent. In my Taurus 2002 with the 3. , Honda and Acura, 0 replies Car idles at 200rpm, Automotive, 12 replies Car idles very rough first thing in the morning, Automotive, 69 replies F150 running rough, Ford and Lincoln, 3 replies Truck runs rough when warm if you accelerate slow it runs fine but if you step on it bangs hard and misses but it does not do it all the time changed the fuel filter and it drove fine for about a The engine has a annoying idle problem that shakes/shutters the car when idleing (in Drive) and stopped (like at a stop light). Immediately upon getting it back, began having starting problem. 2 liter and here is what is happening to it. I am thinking just to buy a temp sensor and change it. Heat causes expansion. What causes a rough idle? A rough idle can be caused by many different car faults. When it's 60-70 degrees out it will run rough and want to stall when I let the clutch out. After installing all parts, runs rough until warm. This morning my car ideled fine. 4l) seems to be having, and I couldn't really find any definitive answers. Dirty Fuel Injector Modern vehicles are fitted with fuel injection systems, which inject fuel into the cylinders to create a mix of air and fuel to burn. My name is steve i have a 2000 grand prix gtp 188K miles on it. After it warmed up I shut it off to go check the kia tech info site for plug wire resistance and tps specs. 6 engine . My car runs pretty rough when I first start it up after it sits for a while (few hours, basically enough to get cold again). I have never lost power, but it has come close. I can't get clear information on that, my Chiltons says for 3. Reader Question. Rough idle is about 400-650 rpm. I let the car warm up for atleast a minute but it still runs rough WHILE DRIVING until it gets to Normal operating temperature. Founded 1958. After a few mins or so the car runs & idles Car idles very rough first thing in the morning (2011, spark plugs, fuel) - Automotive -Sports cars, sedans, coupes, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, tickets, dealers, repairs, gasoline, drivers Car runs rough on idle. I know it's not a true Nissan but it's a Nissan wrapped in Mercury clothing. it will sort of miss and run rough. ), but when it warms up all that disappears. Published Dec 7th, 2015 Car runs and idles fine when it is cold. We still have never found out where they got this string- like in a baseball or softball My car runs fine when cold and for first few miles. i have a 87 ranger 2. Does this only happen when the car is cold? For example if the car has been sitting overnight and you start it, it runs fine for a bit and then starts running rough, right? But, (and here is the problem) once the engine starts to warm up a bit and the temperature needle starts to climb (gauge says 40) the revs suddenly drop off to around 500 from around 800 and the engine starts to tick over rough and run rough. It starts fine when warm, and still idles and runs smooth once it starts, and, is not underpowered at all (other than the obvious standard underpowered condition of a 1. What Would Make a Car Run Well While Idling but Rough Under Heavy Acceleration? A faulty oxygen sensor can cause a car to accelerate roughly while under a heavy load. Either it won't start for awhile or crank on it for awhile, runs rough, almost like not getting enough fuel and then is fine. what would cause this? a bad o2 sensor? it's only after the car is warmed up and at idle. I have a 1999 Saturn SL1. Timing is 16-17* at idle (spout out). It pulls out of it when the accelerator is pushed and you don't feel it again until you left off 3/4 ton, 350 TBI engine with 125,000 miles. Rough idling is a common problem, of which the exact cause can be difficult to diagnose, as several factors may come into play. It's caused by a lack of spark which can be either the ECU's fault (on EFI cars), or the coil on pretty much any car. My car runs good when it's cold but stalls once it warms up? What gives? Well, there is an ignition problem that can cause this when the engine gets hot and it stalls. The car runs like a top. I then unplugged the IAC and the idle sped up and smoothed out. I purchased my 2011 chevy equinox a little over a year ago. Any suggestions ? Dec 29, 2016 An engine which is operating properly should run smooth without any excess noise. This is a discussion on Rough Idle Only When Warm/Hot within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have been having this reoccurring problem for the last thousand miles or so: I have a 93 formula with Like clockworks, anytime it rains and my car is outside exposed to it, the car runs really rough. 7 V8. Below are the four most common. The shutter goes away when slight accelerator pressure is applied. When in drive the engine shutters whether A/C is on or off. A couple months ago I started noticing that my car would make a rough start when I turned the car on. Luckily, I live on a hill and the coast to the bottom keeps it moving enough for the symptom to go away. A failing oxygen sensor can also cause a car to run rough while idling, but it won't affect the car while driving. I would have a technician inspect your rough idle. Hey guys, been having problems with my 2005 duramax. The source of this electricity is the alternator, which when asked to supply a lot of power needs to draw more energy from the engine, which in turn leads to a fall in the engine revs and the resulting rough idling. Engine runs rough, backfires and has very little power. I upload the spreadsheet at WinALDL Spreadsheet If you do not have Excel, I can save it in a text file. The cars idles around 950, which is fine since Link is set to 900. Just a rough/missing type idle ONLY after the car is warm. It runs really rough on idle in all gears whether it is warm or cold. I assume this is related as well, but it will not idle without feathering the gas for a minute or so. 5l engine cuts out when it gets warm but always runs well until then what is the problem? the car will idle rough and seem to want to turn off, once it The car idles low and rough around 600-650 after start up and continues through the warm up stage until it runs fine. After about 5 minutes of warming up, the car runs like normal. Once I give it a little bit more gas it clears up and runs fine. Engine runs extremely well otherwise. Now I think its something simpler. But cruising it  Originally Posted by eagle7 View Post. Very rough running when car warms up, runs perfect when cold. For the first 5-10 minutes depending on driving style, the car runs fine. The 2000 Chevrolet Tracker has 6 problems reported for engine runs rough/dies when hot. 20 minutes; no matter what you drive that's a bad idea, and a clear misconception. 9 that i have done alot of work too. Rough Idle/Engine Hesitation when engine hot was created by 96Pontiac Okay so I looked around on the forums both for the codes I have and my problem my 1996 Pontiac Grand Am (2. I had bought a set of cheapy A. why is my car hard to start when cold but otherwise runs fine? Its a 1998 model SB Barina, (Corsa B) with an opel engine. I thought it was probably just the IAC that needs to be cleaned. If it begins to 'idling rough', there are a number of possible  May 17, 2018 Rough idle after engine is warm - Car has rough to very rough idle after My Mini Cooper sat parked a month and is suddenly running rough  When I drive the car to the point where it's fully warmed up, and then shut it off for a few minutes, it will run very rough on start up until I clear it  Just like the title says, my car runs rough (stutters when under load, pops, etc. Customer Question 1998 mitsubishi galant, manufactured fall 97. Hey there Racer Rob Russell here the "Honest Master Auto Mechanic" and it is my goal to put some FUN and COOLNESS back into car repair and also educate my customers/fellow technicians on today's This causes the engine to run rough. Average repair cost is $80 at 112,150 miles. So I put the motor through all sorts of load, used High, Low, 4-wheel and also lots of puddles and mud. truck runs rough when it warms up 11 Answers. No other issues. idles rough after engine is warm Car idles very rough after the engine has warmed up. If a 1994 Dodge Colt with a Mitsibushi 1. It only happens once it gets warm. By "rough" I mean the rpms will dip, and then recover. The ECU or the coil gets hot and expands. There are no troble lights on. 5 v6, 125,000 miles. Rough Idle When Starting Cold, Then Goes Away When Engine Is At Operating Temperature More Details Below I have an older, low mileage vehicle with a V8 engine. Once I start driving it back to somewhat normal. needle oscillates between 500/1100 RPM and engine feels like it's going to die. Engine wobble /rough idle at warm up. When the engine is started cold, regardless of the outside temperature, the idle is rough and there is a noticable power loss. now there is no smell, i have plenty of power, but at cruising it still jerks bad and runs rough, and only at low rpm. You'll also notice that cars with chokes also idle real high until they warm-up. I changed the plugs, rotor, cap and wires, set the timing and it ran fine. Learn about some possible reasons causing rough idle here. I am considering getting different spark plugs just to see if that helps. Once it gets warm it starts running - Buick 1997 LeSabre question A common complaint, especially when temperature start to drop is, “My car runs poorly cold, or my car is hard to start cold”. Well today I drove it for about 2o minutes and it ran a little rough but i was about at my destination. They are low but I am not burning oil nor does it smoke. When I come to a light it doesn't idle great but its not bad. The shake/shutter goes away when put in neutral or park. Ford Probe Engine Runs Rough, Stalls, Hesitates on Acceleration, Hard Starting, Poor Performance - 14 reports. Re: XP 1000 idles rough & stalls when warm I put about 100 miles on the RZR Sunday and Monday - mix of high speed, flat trails and rocky, steep, technical climbs. But after a little while the idle starts surging. Q: The car runs roughly upon startup. I have a 2004 F-150 with close to 138K, recently in 3/4 gear at 45-55 MPH when I barley step on the gas the engine hesitates and bucks, pretty rough sometimes. Boat runs rough and cuts ff when warm/hot Welcome to TheMalibuCrew! As a guest, you are welcome to poke around and view the majority of the content that we have to offer, but in order to post, search, contact members, and get full use out of the website you will need to Register for an Account . When i first start it up it runs pretty smooth until it warms up then it starts to run rough and the acceleration is weak, at idle it spudders and pops. Under a load on a hill it feels like I am loosing one or two cylinders. the truck runs fine when i first start it but once it warms up it start to sputter when i give it the gas. Apr 19, 2019 When the cars idle gets rough, it hard to comprehend the related causes. The truck runs fine when it is warm, but when it is cold it runs rough, rich and stalls . So any thoughts or clues? Re: Club car runs rough very similar thing with my wifes car- 2009 Nissan Rouge- Mice kept building nests in the air intake and closing it off. Register Log In Home Forums Mechanical/Maintenance Forum Car suddenly runs like crap!! Runs rough and weak: Also, when the car is warm, check to see if there are - On cold morning start, it starts OK but after a few seconds becomes very rough and stalls when I try to accelerate; it runs a bit better as the engine warms. What Are the Causes of Rough Idling in Cars? by Richard Rowe When you really think about how an engine works, about all of the tiny events that have to happen inside at just the right time, and to just the right degree, it's kind of amazing that they run at all. I do have a simple code reader, but not a fancy scanner. 1997 Ford Escort LX Sedan. On warm days it starts fine and runs fine while driving (except for lots of ping going uphill) until coming to a stop light. Z. I have been having issues with the truck when warm, it runs and idles fine when cold but when the engjne reaches around 160 or more it starts to like lope at idle and when driving and coming to a stop it lopes really bad, I have changed fpr, 8 new 50hp dragon fly injectors from industrial injection, checked wiring, kinda lost now. 0L OHV Vulcan engine, I had the "Hot soak start rough idle" intermittent issue. Started it up cold and it ran great. Runs great longer when its cooler out (low 70s) but as soon as the engine gets warm enough,  My 95 started idling a little rough. This morning I was at a light and it hesitated to go when I pressed on the gas. After being down for a month, I finally got the new head put back in and have been driving around. It also stalles when you try to - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic A car running rough can be tricky to diagnose. I think it is interesting that it runs fine and then starts stumbling. . ) Senior Editor, Jalopnik • Running: 1973 VW Beetle, 2006 Scion xB, 1990 Nissan  Car still runs flawlessly when the engine is cold. The car runs really rough when you start it, it sounds like its missing, I drive it for half a mile, still rough and gutless, turn it off wait 5 seconds start it up and it runs like a top and has alot of power. It runs to good except for the rough idle and shuttering. Once the engine warms up, the car idles normally. is the choke to make sure it is fully open when the engine is warmed up. Just like the title says, my car runs rough (stutters when under load, pops, etc. I assume this is related  have a very rough idle/stalling/hesitation/bucking problem when the car is cold (or warm Symptom: Idles extremely rough when cold, improves after warmup. i have a 2004 f150 with a 4. When those conditions are met, it starts running really rough, even at high RPM's. i can feel it through the steering wheel. plugged it back in and it went back to rough. Its idles rough when the car is hot. Today it started doing something strange and I'm at a loss as where to start looking for a solution to this problem. After this it seems to run normal. when the engine is cold it runs fine, it idles fine all the time but as soon as the engine warms up it starts surging and running rough until you give it wide open throttle or idle any insight for me i am getting tired of chasing dead ends with this old ass computer When the DPFE sensor is failing or goes bad, it causes rough idling, a reduce in power, and it may cause the "check engine" light to come on. My 85 olds delta 88 305, v-8, 4 barrel idles very rough when i first start the car after 24 hrs or so. One way to check for bad plug wires is to inspect the plug wire runs with the car running in a very dark area. OHMed out the wires and they are all within spec. I thought it was transmission at first or mayber the torque converter. The oxygen sensors main purpose is to manage the air/fuel ratios inside of an engine. It starts right up and runs great when cold. Still have no check engine light, but I am still getting a really rough idle randomly while stopped while the car is warm. Nov 27, 2017 Is your car or truck is suffering from a rough idle? Learn how to It has a rough idle when cold but will run after it gets warm. Once it gets up to about 2300 rpm it smooths out and runs fine. The idle is usually high, above 1k rpm, that's when the wobble is the worst. I'm reading articles that says that it could be a MAF sensor, but do not know if a 3. On warm days no problems at all. wires they were running a special on. It doesn't die but hardly responds to throttle inp truck runs rough when it warms up 11 Answers. Everything went great, took 3 tries but I finally got it, fired right up. As i mentioned before, it runs fine while cold, until the car warms up. It goes rough for a bit then recovers and is fine for a while. Engine stalls when warm Rough idle, stalls, when engine warm. In order for an engine to start and run cold, it requires more fuel than when it is hot. any sugges i noticed that when my car gets warm/hot it starts running like crap, what could it be??? the other day after work i took a buddy for a drive, car ran excellent, so we talked for a while and the car idled for about 10 minutes when i drove it home the whole time i ran like shitcar was backfiring and ran like shit, wouldn't accelerate when i wanted it to, i would give it gas and it would just When you use the a/c or heater in your car these items need a lot of electricity to run. Its fuel injected. I have a 2001 Lincoln LS with 51k, no not a typo 51k original miles. After driving two or three miles, it will start to idle rough, then misses badly and occasionally coughs when talking off from a stop. be off making the car run really rich which would explain rough idle,  Aug 26, 2018 Right after a cold start the engine runs OK with no apparent problems Once warmed up, the car idles really rough in gear (Drive), RPM really  Apr 21, 2015 If you find yourself with a rough running engine, you've found the right post. Came back out about 15 misn later and it barely starts and runs rough. I have changed the idle air valve, the TPS, and the thermostat sensor without any results. The car runs great until I drive it in the afternoon (about 95 degrees out), shut it off, and start it up again before it has time to cool to ambient temperature. On this episode we reveal a common source of faults that can cause a rough idle or at times a stalling condition, and how to easily diagnose I have a 90 Chevy 2500 , 5. Right after a cold start the engine runs OK with no apparent problems or roughness. Car runs really rough when cold It has a comp cam extream energy cam, 4bbl manifold and a new edlbrk performer 750 carb/w electric choke. It idles horribly and takes forever to move up the RPM band. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of these common problems and how to fix them, so your mighty "Five-Oh" runs just as good, if not better than it did during the Reagan/Bush Sr. years. Battery remained disconnected for extended period. Car runs real rough when engine is cold in cold weather? As the weather is getting colder, I go out to start my car and it idles roughthen i let it warm up for a minute or two before I drive itbut as i drive down the road it is extremely rough and the check engine light is blinking. Car runs as smooth as a "baby's A***". I just went out to car and started it (approx 25 degrees outside where car is now) and car started fine but again a rough idle after the cold start. As soon as the cold idle turns off and it steps down to normal idle it runs rough, not crazy rough almost like a flutter but noticeable. Great suggestions. The 2003 Chevrolet Impala has 3 problems reported for car runs rough. Curing an Intermittent Rough Running Diesel Engine Tech Help > Engine Problems This can be a real challenge if the problem comes and goes either warm or hot what would cause this? a bad o2 sensor? it's only after the car is warmed up and at idle. It never occurs when traffic is moving, almost always when stopped or rolling at idle. Porsche 997: Why Does My Car Have a Rough Idle? While many owners report the 997 may ride a little rough, don't assume everything is normal. If you live in a state with vehicle emissions testing, this may be the reason why your car fails the test. buick 97 lesabre, runs rough when warm when the car is cold it runs fine. Once warmed up, the car idles really rough in gear (Drive), RPM really starts to fluctuate between 500 and 700, the car kinda shakes, and the engine is likely to stall if I leave it in gear (and with car not moving) for much longer. I have a 95 mercury villager minivan, 3. As soon as I start moving, it stops and the car runs great. When in bumper to bumper traffic, my vehicle (sometimes) runs rough with the AC on. So, your car, truck, or van is idling rough… what is the cause? And what can you do to fix it? Even if you aren’t the savviest person when it comes to vehicles, you should know how to identify rough idling. To clarify the car does indeed run smoother after the mentioned items were changed. Please One of the most common problems is likely a rough running or poorly idling engine. The engine runs great when cold. Now, let's fix the issue when engine runs rough after warm up in  Cold engines run inefficiently so they need more raw fuel to fire-up, and stay running. Still breaking in the engine, but I've noticed a slight engine wobble when the car is parked and warming up. Checked the plugs, they are all in good condition. After that, it idles like a champ. I have a 1998 Stratus 2. Couldn't get the hanger wire to advance very far at all. 1 even has a MAF sensor. right. My car runs rough and kinda bucks a little when the coolant temp is still low. The engine misfires or runs rough when it is fully warmed up at constant speed or stopped and really bad when pulling a load up a hill or when power breaking. Also even when the car is hot, if I park on a steep incline or decline, the symptom seems much more likely to occur (it did this Friday when it was fully warmed up). - Mazda 2003 Mazda6 question My Engine Runs Rough When It Gets Hot But Ok When Cold. car runs good until warmed up engine rough idle after warm up engine runs rough after warm up how to fix rough idle rough idle when warm Tsukasa Azuma He owns a car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and he put all that experience to good use in his sharing posts. Now, once the engine reaches normal operating temperature sometime around 3-5 minutes, the issues starts A- Idle is rough both in park and drive. Both of these complaints are generally caused by a problem with cold start enrichment. As the engine warms, it not longer needs the richer cold idle mixture and the engine runs smoother. I own a Chevy S10 and have my friends here that is the 2001 version and it has the plastic intake air set up on it, it is a 2. When driving I dont feel the miss only when in neutral. It is obvious that the new hoses made a big difference and you can almost convince yourself that the problems have been fixed. No CELs either. Its runnign on 3 cylinders to be exact. ok I have a 1989 buick reatta , ive done a lot of stuff to car , new plugs,wires, ignition coil, module gas filter , kept up the maint, the car runs great when you first drive it, for at least 45 minutes then all the sudden it gets a real rough idle and the crt screen gives you an electrical prob Alternator is over charging & engine idles rough, Automotive, 27 replies 1991 Honda Accord Idles rough during warm up and when fan comes on. As the weather warms up, this is rarely a problem. He will probably also check for codes on the computer. No hesitation, not affected by temp, no high RPM issues. Inclined the cart on the side of a hill and tried shop vac and hanger wire. Runs fine when cold. If the car idles rough this can also be indicative of bad plug wires, distributor, or rotor. also there are no codes or lights in the dash. But once it gets warm, it runs terrible and wants to stall out. My problem is it starts up nice, cold idle kicks in and it sounds good. Now it's  Nov 2, 2011 So I was working on the vette again cause the rough idle when hot came Usually when I work on the car I have tons of lights on so I can see better. It has a rough idle when cold but will run after it gets warm. My car runs ok when cold but when the car warms up, it runs really rough and misses. This all leads to something related to temp. It happens when I start my warm engine, it runs rough for 30 seconds and I even feel a 2 seconds delayed accelerator response like if I had low fuel pressure. Today we got a warm day, its 55f, about 13 c, and car ran rough from the time i started it. I have not experienced any other sputtering/“hiccups” or rough starts yet since I have gotten the parts changed, but am giving it a few more days before considering that issue resolved. It idles right where it should and pulls hard when accelerating. Aug 7, 2012 My Engine Runs Rough When It Gets Hot But Ok When Cold I have been working on cars and trucks for years but they all have many  Jan 3, 2018 The same goes for not letting your car warm up a bit. Guest. If you have a 1981 or newer vehicle, it will most likely have an engine . It started doing this awhile back but its not a Daily driver so i forgot, lol. Average repair cost is $790 at 140,350 miles. It cruises fine. Ive replace MAF, IAC, cleaned throttle body, replace crank position sensor and everything and the only code it has is o2 sensor So I have an interesting problem. It is bad however when I turn the truck off and go into a store or something (not let it cool down) come back to start it and it idles real rough and low. I parked it in the garage, today I started it up and it is running rough, backfiring and low on power. Ford can't find the problem or get it to duplicate which is very surprising as it happens all the time. That is until things warm up and then all hell breaks loose. Well a little update here as I finally got some time to mess with the car. Revving the engine hard doesn't clear it. Even when I had it smogged, the tech was surprized at how fast it passed (and this was with a loose timing chain). Once the car has been running for a while and the engine is up to operating temperature I run into the following issue: When I stop at a traffic light the car goes into idle ok. If the engine temperature sensor fails, it sends the wrong temperature signal, and the result is a fuel mixture that is too lean, which makes the car run rough. No, have not reset the computer. 8 motor, but other places say differently. When the engine starts cold the fuel mixture is rich, black smoke from the exhaust. It cranks with no problem. car runs rough when warm